MCA School Board.

Millersville Baptist Church, Inc. of Taylorsville, NC (MBC) authorizes the Millersville Christian Academy School Board to act, in its behalf, as a Board of Governance over the Academy. The Committee's responsibility includes advising and working with the principal, ensuring the financial solvency of the Academy, and reviewing and approving of the policies of the Academy to be implemented by the school administration.

The membership of the Millersville Christian Academy School Board shall consist of members in good standing of Millersville Baptist Church and any other affiliated churches with an appointed school board member. The Millersville Christian Academy School Board functions in behalf of Millersville Baptist Church for the perpetuation of Christian education through Millersville Christian Academy.

2018-2019 Members.

Mr. Scott Ballard

Mrs. Lisa Bentley

Mr. Scott Ferguson

Mrs. Karen Loudermelk

Mr. Darian Sigmon

Mrs. Lori Sipe

Work With Us.

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